• to_a: returns the given enumerable in array form
(1...6).to_a #=>  [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]{'a': 1, 'b':2}.to_a #=> [[:a, 1], [:b, 2]]
  • to_h: returns the enumerable as a hash, where the key and value pairs are specified in the code block
(1...6).to_h{|x| [x, 'number']}#=>{1=>"number", 2=>"number", 3=>"number", 4=>"number", 5=>"number"}
  • uniq: returns an array with all…
  • 2007 developed by Robert Grieseme, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google
  • 2009 became an open-source programming language
  • Go is a strong and statically typed language
  • Go was made with the goal of simplicity and readability: fewer features, easy to maintain, easy to work in & long term maintainability
  • Clean procedural language designed for scalable software
  • Composable distinct elements: concrete data types, functions & methods, interface, packages, concurrency

Team Project Made with OpenStreetMap
  • An open source, collaborative project
  • Free editable map of the world
  • Fully open source therefore free of charge (do not need to put a credit card down, as you do for GoogleMaps)
  • Provides local knowledge (anyone can make edits), at a global level
  • Continuously updated
  • Not as much documentation available (compared with GoogleMaps, some of the documentation is a little outdated)
  • Fewer API’s available (in particular Routing API’s)
  • Contributing to OpenStreetMap is very easy to do, simple instructions are available in this…

  • Docker is open source containerization platform made up of “images”
  • An image is the environment containing the application, and all of its dependencies
  • The image is executable as a container (a container is a runtime instance of an image)
  • Containers are generally read only (independent of data)
  • Containers are light weight because they are sharing a host operating system.
  • Cohesive/ Portable environment: Docker uses containers to wrap software in the complete file…

  • accumulator (REQUIRED): starts as the initialValue (if provided), or…


Map Constructor

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service, also known as IaaS, allows users to sublet virtual networks, machines, storage, and servers etc.
  • Platform-as-a-Service allows users to create and host applications using internet service. The user wrights the script in any language and Amazon’s API supports it.
  • Software-as-a-Service is the least customizable, but most “convenient”. Allows users to access software on a subscription bases (ex. emailing capability, queuing SAAS- event loop)
  • Cloud Storage Platform allows users to store, access, govern and analyze data. This can be done through object storage…

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