• 2007 developed by Robert Grieseme, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google
  • 2009 became an open-source programming language
  • Go is a strong and statically typed language
  • Go was made with the goal of simplicity and readability: fewer features…

Team Project Made with OpenStreetMap
  • An open source, collaborative project
  • Free editable map of the world
  • Fully open source therefore free of charge (do not need to put a credit card down, as you do for GoogleMaps)
  • Provides local knowledge (anyone can make edits), at a global level
  • Continuously…

  • Docker is open source containerization platform made up of “images”
  • An image is the environment containing the application, and all of its dependencies
  • The image


Map Constructor

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service, also known as IaaS, allows users to sublet virtual networks, machines, storage, and servers etc.
  • Platform-as-a-Service allows users to create and host applications using internet service. …

Giulia Elizabeth

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